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Pet Memorial Keepsakes

Dr. Dani holding dog and Petsies plush dog

Below are a few of the most unique and thoughtful products we have hand-picked to help you memorialize your beloved pet in ways you never imagined.  

Lap of Love does not handle the purchase, inventory, or tracking of these products.  To make a purchase, please click on the product below to be taken to the company’s website. 

Petsies® Plushies & Products

Give yourself or your loved ones a way to hug and honor a past pet. The care and attachment we feel for our pets is one of the most beautiful things in life. With the help of Petsies, celebrate with a unique, huggable keepsake that you can keep forever. 

  • Custom stuffed animals, pillows, pajamas, socks, & more!
  • Optional "memory pouch" upgrade is available for your pet's ashes
  • Stuffed animals starting at $199
  • Estimated delivery: 5-7 weeks
Visit Petsies

Buddies™ Handcrafted Jewelry

Buddies’ by Thumbies memorial keepsakes preserve your pet’s unique paw prints within expertly crafted jewelry and accessories. Buddies’ advanced creation process captures the subtle details of each pet print to ensure that your keepsakes are a true reflection of your pet’s one-of-a-kind print.

  • Prices range from $60-$695 based on item
  • Estimated delivery: Varies depending upon keepsake and shipping option

Visit Buddies

Eterneva® Diamonds from Ashes

This is for that once-in-a-lifetime pet. The pet that went through college and career changes with you. That saw you through tragedy, triumph and heartbreak. This is for your steadfast friend, who loved you unconditionally.

  • Private cremation required

ViaGen Pet Cloning*


Through genetic preservation and cloning, we can provide hope and joy for a lasting relationship.


Parting Stone® Solidified Remains

Solidified remains are a complete alternative to cremated remains that allow you to live comfortably with your departed. The solidification process compresses conventional cremated remains into a beautiful collection of “stones” that you can hold, share, scatter, and travel with.

  • Private cremation required
  • $795 for cats, $995 for dogs
  • Estimated delivery: 6-8 weeks
Visit Parting Stone

Bereave Memorial Plaques

Turn your favorite photo into a memorial plaque for your beloved pet with just a few clicks. Honor their life with a one-of-a-kind granite keepsake that reminds you of all of the happy memories you shared. Keep them close by placing the plaque in your garden or indoors on a shelf.

  • Auto-generated plaque preview shown before checkout
  • $199 per plaque with stands included
  • Estimated delivery: 5 days with free shipping
Visit Bereave

Greyboy Custom Pet Prints

Capture the essence of your very loved pet companion in a unique handcrafted work of art! These beautiful custom etchings are handcrafted by an artist from a photo you provide of your pet. Greyboy Pet Prints can include a paw print, lock of fur and even ashes in a special pet art memorial, if desired. 

  • Choose from multiple styles and sizes
  • Custom etchings start at $99, while pre-made mini etchings are just $39.
  • Estimated delivery: 1 – 2 weeks 
Visit Greyboy Pet Prints

PortraitFlip Handmade Pet Portraits

Customize a beautiful piece of art just by uploading your pet's picture to PortraitFlip. These are 100% hand-painted portraits by professional artists. Choose your type of artwork from 7 options that include: oil painting, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, colored pencil drawing, pencil sketch, acrylic painting, and pastel painting.

  • Choose from 7 styles 
  • Prices start at $89 depending on style and size
  • Estimated delivery: 3-4 weeks
Visit PortraitFlip


Eterneva® Memorial Diamonds

As the most trusted company in memorial diamonds, Eterneva brings brightness and meaning to loss by growing diamonds from the carbon in our loved one's ashes or hair. 

  • Eterneva Memorial Diamonds starting at $3,000
  • The creation of an Eterneva Memorial Diamond is a 12-month journey
Visit Eterneva

Dr. Mary Gardner
Co-Founder of Lap of Love

VetArtwork Cellular Blueprints

Vet Artwork creates a one-of-a kind Cellular Blueprint Memorial displaying the inner beauty of your pet. These beautiful images are colorized and made into amazing memorable artwork. Your pet’s custom Cellular Blueprint Memorial is available in three different sizes. 

  • Choose your size, material and frame
  • Starting at $299
  • Estimated delivery: 4-6 weeks

VetArtwork Cellular Blueprints

Vet Artwork creates a one-of-a kind Cellular Blueprint Memorial displaying the inner beauty of your pet. These beautiful images are colorized and made into amazing memorable artwork. Your pet’s custom Cellular Blueprint Memorial is available in three different sizes. 

  • Choose your size, material and frame
  • Starting at $299
  • Estimated delivery: 4-6 weeks

How Lap of Love partnership with vendors works

If you would like to purchase one of these products and the assistance of one of our veterinarians is needed prior or during their euthanasia appointment, please follow the directions below.

  • Click the link to the product

    The links to the vendor pages are specific for Lap of Love in order to allow us to track you order.  This is especially important for the products requiring action by our veterinarian during your appointment or prior to or in lieu of cremation.

  • Place your order on the vendor website

    By using the links above to place your order, Lap of Love will be notified of your order.  We will confirm with you any additional details needed prior to your euthanasia appointment.

  • After placing your order

    If your Lap of Love veterinarian needs to do anything during to appointment to accommodate for the product or service you have ordered, we will send you and email and call you to confirm the details prior to arrival.

  • Receiving your order

    Once your order is placed, the vendor providing the product or service will arrange shipping (if applicable) and be responsible for the delivery of your item or service.

Pet Memorial Keepsake Company
Contact and Shipping Information

Bereave Memorial Plaques

Time to Fulfill: Estimated delivery is about 5 days. You can contact Bereave at:

Buddies™ by Thumbies Handcrafted Jewelry

Time to Fulfill: Delivery date will vary depending upon keepsake and shipping option. Some items are available to be expedited for delivery the next day. You can contact Buddies at: and (877) 848-6243 .

Eterneva® Memorial Diamonds

The entire Diamond process will vary based on the size, cut and color of Diamond that you select, but the Eterneva Memorial Diamond process is a 12-month journey. You can find answers to common questions by going to: For additional questions, you can contact Eterneva by emailing: .

Greyboy Pet Prints

Time to Fulfill: It takes around 1 – 2 weeks to start the handmade process, finish your custom pet art, and ship to your doorstep in the U.S. (For international orders, please plan for an additional 2 weeks + for shipping.) You can purchase expedited shipping if needed. You can contact Greyboy with any questions by going to: and (909) 843-5454 .

Parting Stone™ for Pets

Timing to fulfill: 6-8 weeks. More information can be found on Parting Stone’s FAQ page Parting Stone’s FAQ page.
Customer Service Number:  (505) 772-0634  

Petsies® Custom Plushies & Products

It's super easy and takes less than 10 minutes to place your order! Just snap a pic of your pet, upload your super cute pet pic, and receive your Petsies keepsake. (3 Sizes Available: 10" mini, 16" Regular, and 24" Supersize) Estimated Delivery: 5-7 weeks. 

Customer Service Contact: 

PortraitFlip Handmade Pet Portraits

Two shipping options are available:

  1. Free Service: With this service, you can receive the painting within 23 days. It takes 15 days for our artist to create your vision and the next 8 days to be delivered. There are no additional or hidden charges applicable on Free Delivery Service.
  2. Express Service: Express Service can be availed by paying an additional 20% of your order value with the promise to reach you within 14 days. The first 10 days go into creating your artwork and the next 4 days for your painting to be delivered.

*Please note that the delivery is based on when you approve the order. 

Customer Service is available 24/7 by contacting: 

Have questions for Lap of Love?

The vendors listed above have a partnership with Lap of Love. Clicking the links to go to the vendor sites will bring you to a Lap of Love specific link that allows us to track your order, but is not a Lap of Love website, and is a 3rd party site. All questions specific about the products can be directed to the specific vendor.

Interested in listing your company's product or service on our Pet Memorial Keepsakes page?

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Schedule an end-of-life photography photoshoot as an additional way to memorialize your pet

The Tilly Project is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to connect pet owners with end-of-life pet photographers across the world. Visit to search photographers by location who specialize in this unique and important type of photography.

Find a Photographer Near You

* Lap of Love does not manage The Tilly Project website or anything related to photography.  To find an end-of-life pet photographer near you, please visit