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Frequently Asked Questions

How can our clients contact Lap of Love or schedule appointments?

We recommend having your clients call our Support Center at (855) 933-5683.  Our Support Center is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm ET. Our care coordinators who answer the phones are extremely loving and patient.

How quickly can your veterinarians help a family in need?

Most appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours but are dependent on the coverage in the area. We do all we can to assist families when they are ready.

Can an appointment be made on the weekend or after hours?

This is possible in most areas. After-hours appointments do incur an additional fee. Anyone at the Support Center can provide insight on the additional fees and availability of the doctors in your area.

What if your veterinarian cannot help a family due to their schedule?

Our Support Center will do all they can to assist a family that calls for help, but if this is not possible, they have other local resources available for support. Our priority is to ensure that every family is helped, even if we are unable to provide the care.

How far out from the city/clinic/area will the veterinarians travel for an appointment?

This varies by area. To see if we cover a specific area we recommend visiting our website and typing in the zip code of the pet family.

Do your veterinarians take a technician with them?

Our veterinarians are skilled in providing end-of-life care services independently.

How long does an appointment take?

We block appointments for a two-hour timeframe, although the length of the appointment depends on the needs of the family and pet.

Do your veterinarians use IV catheters?
Our veterinarians administer a sedative and once the pet is relaxed, a butterfly catheter is most commonly used in a peripheral vein.  
What forms of payment does Lap of Love take?

We accept many different forms of payment including cash, credit card, and Care Credit.

How much does it cost for in-home euthanasia?
Each appointment includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, a pawprint impression keepsake, a lock of fur, and Lap of Love's Eternal Pawprints booklet. You can find the specific cost for families in your area by visiting our website, searching by zip code, selecting the veterinarian in your area, and choosing the “Pricing and Services'' section. The additional cost for the varied cremation services is detailed in “Aftercare & Cremation.”
What if the pet is aggressive?

If a pet is aggressive or has bitten someone, the Veterinary Care Coordinator will take the time to learn more about the case and include the primary DVM in the conversation, helping to coordinate a safe appointment for the pet and everyone involved.

Do Lap of Love veterinarians handle aftercare for the body?

Unless the family opts for a home burial, our doctors carefully take the pet with them and coordinate with the crematory.

What crematory do you use?

Our crematory partners vary by area. We find the best crematory that meets our standards and protocols in every area in which we help families. 

How will we know if a Lap of Love veterinarian helped one of our families?
If the family mentions your veterinary hospital when making the appointment, our doctor will contact you via email or call to let you know.
How can we get more brochures?

Please visit our Clinic Resources Page and fill out the brochure request form. The brochures will arrive within seven to ten business days.